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Save Yourself From The “Medicare Research Headache” With A Free Medicare Presentation

Give me 20 minutes and I’ll solve your medicare problems. Medicare eligible seniors have a daunting task, figuring out which insurance plan gives them the most benefits at the lowest cost and is accepted by their providers.

Is a medicare supplement plan F the best choice for me? What about buying a Part C Advantage plan?  Do I really need Prescription Drug coverage and how much should I be paying? How does all this work?

All great questions, all have a complex answer (especially when you’re trying to answer these on your own!).


Call Me Today For A Free Medicare Presentation: 888-939-7383

I travel throughout San Diego county teaching medicare eligible clients the “ins and outs” of this extremely complicated health care system.  Make the wrong choice and spend potentially $1,000’s more each year than needed, or risk losing out on benefits that you deserve.  There’s no reason to go at it alone.  My informative 20 minute presentation will open your eyes about the choices you have with your health insurance, and will provide you with “plain English” explanations about how Medicare works. I can meet you in your home, or at a local diner or coffee shop.


I’m an independent medicare insurance broker, therefore, I work for myself, and not some large company.  I have access to virtually every plan in San Diego county and my compensation comes from them, not you.  And since all rates are fixed by law, you won’t find a cheaper price from my competitor – regardless of who they work for. As your medicare broker I will:

  • Work for YOU…not the insurance carriers
  • Check all your doctors for network compatibility (to establish available plans)
  • Verify your prescriptions are covered and all costs for fulfillment
  • Bring all represented plan brochures to our meeting for review
  • Present all options for you to select from
  • Verify your eligibility
  • Cover all government required information in my “Medicare 101” presentation
  • Fill out all required paperwork
  • Supply you with copies of all signed documents
  • Submit the applications to the carriers for immediate processing
  • Follow up on any insurance company requirements for completing enrollment
  • Remain in touch throughout the year to answer any plan questions or concerns

If you’re entering medicare for the first time, looking for a change in service, trying to reduce your costs, or simply want all your available options laid out for you, please contact me to discuss your needs by phone at 888-939-7383.

My Medicare Presentation is free, informative and only takes a few minutes.


Selecting The Right Kind Of Medicare Insurance Agent

Selecting the right KIND of insurance agent may save you $100’s each year.

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So what kind of medicare insurance agent should you be looking for? 

The short answer is to work with a “broker”, and not just an insurance “agent.”

Here’s the long answer:

A simple “insurance agent” can sell you a variety of products, and most agents out there are relatively reliable, honest and hardworking.   However, some agents don’t expand their carrier offerings and stop with just a handful of carriers (that means less choices they are able to show you). Additionally, some agents work out of a large call center for one specific company, and are unable to provide you information about their competition.  Lastly, an agent that works for one specific company is called a “captive agent” and can only sell you plans from that one company.

“BROKER” = more options

Working with a Medicare Insurance Broker will expand your buying options, giving you access to plans and policies that may not be available with most health agents. As a broker, I’m committed to offering as many plans and products in the San Diego County area to better serve my clients.  I have access to virtually every single medicare plan in the county, and I have special authority to offer additional plans you may not find elsewhere.  Let me explain:

All health insurance agents can sell you a Medicare Supplement insurance policy (medi-gap plan), but not all of them can sell you all types of San Diego medicare options out there.  In order to be able to sell you a part C plan (also known as an Advantage Plan), they must be authorized to sell, certified, and must have passed extra testing by the Centers For Medicare & Medicaid (CMS).  The agent must also complete and pass carrier tests and training. Therefore, agents that sell Advantage plans have more training, can offer more options, and are held to higher standards (by CMS – and the carriers).

Additionally, these agents must complete these trainings, pass these tests and attend these product trainings on an annual basis.  Every year they must prove they have the knowledge, willingness and commitment to offer these options.

For a Free, no obligation Medicare assessment, call me and we can speak by phone, with no pressure to buy.  I can be reached directly at 888-939-7383.  Or I may be reached by email at:

medicare card san diego

 Not all insurance agents are brokers. Selecting a Medicare Insurance Broker can save you time, money and give you the most options when selecting your coverage.


Medicare Plans In San Diego

More Choices From A Licensed Broker Means Lower Costs & More Benefits.

Choosing a Medicare insurance plan in the San Diego county area can be quite confusing. Outside of all the details in any given plan, are the plans themselves. With dozens of different companies offering several plans each, the choices are very abundant.

But which is the best plan choice for you?  It depends on several factors such as:

  • Lifestyle
  • Budget
  • Health history
  • Current Prescriptions
  • Current health requirements
  • What insurance your doctors accept
  • Zip code (zoned properly? close proximity to providers?)
  • Optional Supplemental Benefits (OSB) offered by various plans
  • Discounts offered by the plans

As you can see, the answer is never simple.  If any insurance agent states that a plan is “the best” or the “top choice” prior to reviewing all of the above criteria, move with extreme caution, they may not have your best interests in mind, or may only offer a few plans.

Here are a few Medicare Advantage Plan Insurance Companies In San Diego County:


Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Shield


Easy Choice

Health Net



United Health Care (Secure Horizons)

You can also search for all Medicare Insurance Plans in California by visiting, however, I’m happy to show you the same results in person, handle all the paperwork and submit all the applications for you to ensure timely processing and accuracy.

I am authorized to market and enroll medicare eligible clients in the plans above, along with other Supplement-only insurance companies in California such as:

  • Sentinel
  • Gerber
  • Stonebridge (a Transamerica company)
  • United American
  • Central
  • Mutual of Omaha

Find Out Which Plan Works Best For You

For a free detailed Medicare review, call Peter at 888-939-7383.

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