California Birthday Rule! What is it?

If you are a Medicare beneficiary and you have a Medicare supplement, every year, for 60 days after your birthday, you are able to shop around and see if you can find a better deal. In California, it is state law that every company has to accept you regardless of any kind of medical condition or history that you have.

This is a easy way for a Medicare beneficiary who has a Medicare supplement to save a ton of money! I run into this frequently and my record for a monthly savings is $110. I was able to switch somebody from one companies plan F to another companies plan F and save them that money every month! That’s over $1300 a year!!

For most folks in retirement every dollar counts, so it only makes sense to shop around and make sure you’re not over paying for your insurance.  With Medicare, supplements by law, being equal in regards to the benefits that they offer, and the freedom to see any provider who excepts Medicare assignment, it’s a no-brainer to switch carriers and save money, if you can!

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