Below are some reviews and testimonials from clients, take a look and reach out if you would like help with your Medicare!

“From our first and somewhat stressful initial Medicare sign up last year to our more recent updating and re-enrollment, Steve took all the time we needed to make sure our plan was exactly what we needed. He went thru every one of our medications to make sure we had the most cost efficient supplemental plan and treated our finances as if they were his own. Always very knowledgeable of all the latest updates in coverage. We appreciate his integrity and personalized service…right in the comfort of our home. Steve took the time to get to know us and our goals and it was an absolute pleasure getting to know Steve as well. We are hoping to re-enroll once again soon and will enlist Steve’s expert assistance and guidance in these important decisions that he has turned into a complete NO Stress event.”
“Steve was very responsive and took the time to explain, and compare in detail, the benefits and drawbacks of the various Medicare plans that were available to us. He “untangled” in simple language the complexities of the different plans and recommended the best, cost effective plans for me and my wife. We found Steve to be very knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to work with.”
Eli Margalith
Steve Korts has helped my wife and I with our insurance needs for several years. Steve does his homework and comes back with the best plan possible to fit our lifestyle. He is very professional and most of all we are extremely comfortable with him. In the years we have done business with him he has always made himself available to us quickly whether it be by phone or emails. We trust Steve and my wife and I highly recommend him for your insurance needs.”
Navigating medicare enrollment for the first time is head-spinning and intimidating. Get it wrong at initial enrollment and it can cost you big time into the future. As my 65th birthday closed in, I began receiving endless unsolicited brochures from brokers, agencies and insurers offering their services and plans. I tossed these in the trash and read a book to help me understand the basics, and the book strongly advised I look for a good broker for some professional assistance. I had the very good fortune to find Steve during a Google search of Medicare brokers in my area (San Diego County). From our first discussion through my final enrollment, Steve graciously shepherded me though the process. He provided consistently clear answers to all my questions and made sure I understood what all my options were. He was never, ever pushy and earned my confidence. He accommodated my profound hearing loss by Zooming our meetings, because I do better when I can see people talking. Going forward, I feel I’m in good hands as he will continue to annually review my options and suggest changes as needed to insure I have the best plan for me. What I learned from Steve is that Medicare enrollment doesn’t need to be an anxiety-riddled experience. At least not when a broker of his integrity has your back.