Medicare Advantage Trial Right Special Enrollment Period

Medicare mistakes

There are many quirks and tricks when it comes to Medicare. Many folks make make Medicare Mistakes and one of the rules in Medicare can help fix a common one! Below is one of the election periods that is lesser known for many folks is what’s called the Medicare Trial Right Special Enrollment.

What is this? Why is it important? Can I use it? These are a few questions people have. Let’s go over them.

This Special Enrollment Period is for Medicare beneficiaries who had a Medicare Supplement and during Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) switched to a Medicare Advantage Plan and have decided that they made a mistake. If someone does this, they have a full year to switch back to Original Medicare and if the Company they had their Medicare Supplement is still in business, they can go back to that coverage with NO underwriting.

Through the year and especially during AEP there is a ton of advertising and a push from insurance companies, agent and brokers to acquire new members and clients.

You may have seen the ads on TV featuring famous people talking about how these new plans offer so many great benefits at no extra charge and it sounds so great, you call the number and sign up. Only to find out when you try to go to your specialist, they aren’t in network or your prescription co-pays have gone through the roof.

You may have met with an agent or gone to a seminar and heard about the positives of a plan and they didn’t tell you the Hospital you prefer, is not in network. We see this all the time and it is sad that people sign up and aren’t given the full information to make a truly informed decision.

The good thing is that with the Medicare Trial Right SEP. You can get back on your old plan and they cannot deny you. If by chance your old Medicare supplement carrier doesn’t off that plan or is no longer in business, you still have the right to purchase that same plan from a different insurance carrier with no chance of being declined

Medicare mistakes

Is is important to note that this is for ONLY the first time you join a Medicare Advantage Plan. If you had a Medicare Advantage Plan at any point, then got a Medicare Supplement, and now you signed up again with a Medicare Advantage Plan and want to get out, you cannot use this Special Enrollment Period. If this is the case, you would have to wait until Annual Election Period and then you can apply for a Medicare Supplement.

If you’re unsure you would qualify for a Medicare Supplement for health reasons, Contact us as we can look at multiple carriers and have the knowledge of which carriers may accept you even if you have health challenges.